Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about School Programs answered.


How do I book a school program?

To book a school program, simply complete the online booking request form. You can also call our Bookings Office at 403-268-4110幸运快3, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

When should I book?

All programs must be booked at least 3 weeks in advance.

What information do I need to book a school program?

Please have the following information ready when you are confirming your booking with our bookings staff:

  • The name of the program(s) you wish to book
  • Preferred date(s) and time(s)
  • Grade(s), number of students, number of special needs students, number of adult supervisors, and any special requests
  • Credit card number and expiry date (the credit card will only be charged if an alternative method of payment is not provided upon arrival or if less than 3 weeks notice is given to cancel or reschedule a program or visit)

Once your booking is scheduled, a confirmation letter and bookings agreement form will be faxed to your school。 Please review your booking and fax the signed bookings agreement form to 403-262-4045。 Please note that your booking will not be confirmed until we have received your signed bookings agreement form。

For information on how to prepare for your visit, please download our .

How do I pay?

Full payment is due upon arrival. We accept cash, cheque, debit, American Express, MasterCard and Visa. The credit card used at the time of the booking will be charged if an alternate method of payment is not provided on or before the day of your visit.

How do I cancel or reschedule a program?

Any cancellations or changes to your booking(s) must be made through the Glenbow Bookings Office at 403-268-4110 and confirmed in writing by Glenbow at least 3 weeks prior to your arrival date. Failure to provide 3 weeks’ notice will result in an $80 cancellation fee per guided program. This fee will be charged to the credit card provided at the time of booking.

幸运快3We ask that you please limit changes to your itinerary。 More than one change will result in a $25 administration fee per change。

How many students can participate in a program?

To ensure program quality, a maximum of 30 students per program is allowed. The credit card used at the time of booking may be charged for an additional program if the number of students exceeds 30 per program. Please do not combine classes as it compromises the program quality.

How many adult supervisors are required?

Glenbow requires 1 supervising adult to every 5 students幸运快3. Participating teachers and adult chaperones are required to remain with their groups at all times. Additional adults accompanying the group are required to pay the adult group admission fee, except when required for special needs students.

Where can we eat lunch?

Limited lunchroom accommodations are available at Glenbow and must be booked in advance. Groups may also eat lunch outdoors at Olympic Plaza or indoors at the City Hall Atrium. Hallways outside Glenbow (Telus Convention Centre concourse and Plus 15) cannot be used for eating lunches.

When should we arrive for our program?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled program. If your group will be late, please contact the Bookings Office at 403-268-4110 as soon as possible. If your group arrives more than 30 minutes late, your program(s) will be cancelled and you will be charged an $80 cancellation fee per program (unless we received notification in advance).

幸运快3When planning for a school program, we suggest adding at least fifteen minutes for arrival and fifteen minutes for coordinating departure.

What should we bring to Glenbow?

Please bring lunch bags and necessary supplies only. If sketching or writing, please provide students with a pencil and firm surface to write on such as a journal or notebook. Clipboards and pens are not allowed in the galleries.

We also ask that you please leave backpacks at school。 Backpacks are not permitted on exhibit floors and locker space is limited。

Can we visit the museum without participating in a program?

We ask that all school groups book programs and tours online or through our Bookings Office at 403-268-4110. Should special circumstances apply, please ask our team members about possible alternatives.

What do I need to prepare before our visit?

Please download the and review the Museum Rules with all students and adult supervisors prior to your visit. We also ask that you provide all students in your group with name tags as our Museum Educators like to refer to students by their names.

Where is the bus drop off/pick up area?

Glenbow Museum is located at 130 9th Avenue SE. There is a bus drop off/pick up lane on 1st Street SE between 7th Avenue and 8th幸运快3 Avenue SE.

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